Buying Ebooks

Our eBooks are not like most other eBooks:
  • Most of our eBooks contain many high resolution coloured images and illustrations.
  • We recommend our eBooks are viewed with a coloured book reader such as your computer or an iPAD.
  • If you have a black and white reader, we recommend that you use your computer to view images in colour.
To download your ebooks please follow these instructions:

Download to iPad or Kindle & Similar Readers

First follow the steps 1 - 2 for Windows & macs above then:

iPad: Import your extracted .pdf eBook into your iTunes library. From here you can drag it into the books section under iPad. It should now synchronize automatically.


Additionally you may email the .pdf as an attachment to an email account set up on your iPad


Good Reader is a useful app for directly downloading ebooks. Its possible to move these to iTunes from Good Reader.

Kindle & Similar Readers: Plug the kindle(or similar reader) into your computer using your usb transfer cable. You can now transfer the extracted .pdf ebook into the /documentsfolder of the reader.


Additionally you can use amazons kindle email to send the pdf to your kindle. Ensure that you do not enter a subject or message otherwise this may fail.

Download to Windows or Macs

1. Download the e-book file onto your computer.

2. Right click the file and choose to extract it or double click on this file and drag out the file contained within it (This is the pdf file that you will be reading).

3. Then move the file (yourbook.pdf) into your "My Documents" folder or where ever you like.

4. If you are using Windows, Mac, Linux, you will be able to view this with a pdf reader,most computers already have this installed. If not you can download from