Check out writings from our CEO, John Mason

John had his first work published in the 1960's and continues to be very active writing books, magazine articles, newsletters and blogs (including this one).

He has had over 50 printed books and more than 80 eBooks published; has been editor for four different magazines; and today owns and operates a business that runs distance education colleges and publishing businesses in both Australia and the UK.

This blog presents extracts from work he has written both alone, and in collaboration with his staff; both old and new; and musings about what is happening in his world today.

Driving a car can be full of distractions and tiring. Although driver aid systems are there to improve safety and reduce the drain on the driver of the vehicle, in this digital age with texts, emails, phonecalls, sat nav, let alone other information systems, there is a danger that the driver is having to cope with an overload of information and displays. Here is a clever way of providing a detox from the digital environment.
We have recently expanded and improved our online careers guide on ACS Garden 

A series of interviews with people from the world of horticulture and gardening.

Fridges are considered an essential item in homes today, and we take them for granted. They perform an important role in keeping food chilled and fresh. 15 November is designated as the World Clean Out Your Refrigerator day and serves as a good reminder that fridges should be kept in a clean and sanitary state. In the days before fridges, food might be kept in a pantry, on a cold block, or in an ice-house. There were, however, many other methods used to preserve food.
Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil. It is suitable for growing where limited space is available, and plant growth and development is looked after by controlling the feed of nutrients and the environment in which the plant is situated.