Check out writings from our CEO, John Mason.

John had his first work published in the 1960's and is still very active writing books, magazine articles, newsletters and blogs (including this one).
He has over had over 50 printed books and more than 80 ebooks published; has been editor for four different magazines; and today owns and operates a business that runs distance education colleges and publishing businesses in both Australia and the UK.

This blog presents extracts from work he has written both alone; and in collaboration with his staff; both old and new; and musings about what is happening in his world today.
Improve you non-fiction writing and expand the range of topics you can write about - how to increase your career prospects and potential for work projects available to you.
Improve your employees plant knowledge and increase their value in to your business. Train your staff with our 20 hour short course in Plant Taxonomy.
Finding where and when to write - distraction free. Think where and when you can write - enabling you to concentrate on focussing your creativity.

Is the World Cup getting you down? Do you find Wimbledon boring? Do you want to make better use of your time whilst everyone else is glued to the TV? We can help. 

The World Health Organisation estimate that 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem in any year. One in six experience a mental health problem in any given week.  These figures may be less than the true figure as many people are still afraid to come forward and seek help for their difficulties.