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Explore articles and advice by expert psychologists; and extracts from ebooks written and published by ACS Distance Education.
Our new Short Course - Telephone And Online Counselling is now available. The Short Course has been developed to train people in how to provide support for clients or customers who are experiencing difficulties.
Garden's and play areas within gardens offer children almost limitless sources of entertainment. Play is important for a child's mental and physical development; by considering a number of different elements of the environment available, you can create a natural play area for them to use.
There are many advantages to online counselling.
Research has shown that greener surroundings increase the potential for learning. The Woodland Trust and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are planting trees with a focus on urban schools in the UK.

Substance abuse is a potential crisis that many families may experience. Substance use disorders are conditions that arise from misuse of alcohol, psychoactive drugs and other chemicals.