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We are running out of specialists and scientists who recognise plants.  This has serious implications for the world and our environment.


Is the World Cup getting you down? Do you find Wimbledon boring? Do you want to make better use of your time whilst everyone else is glued to the TV? We can help. 


Do Children like to read about Fantasy?

Recent research from Lilliard at the University of Virginia suggests that children are less interested in fantasy and more interested in doing real practical tasks.  Children may love to pretend they are Harry Potter or R2D2 or Elsa, but Lilliard’s research suggests that children prefer reality. They would like to cut up vegetables, feed a real baby and so on, rather than pretend to do so. 

New research in America and Japan have suggested that humans make two memories of the same event.  One is for the here and now and the other is to last a life time.

This is an important piece of research which will be of relevance to anyone with an interest in Psychology.


Do you have a dream?

A job that you would love to do?

We may all aspire to a job that we would love to do, but never quite get there.  For some people, they may find a dream job, get that job and love it.  For others, it may not be so simple.  For some people, working for yourself can be just what they want.