What Makes a Successful Blog?

A blog needs two things to succeed:

 A Capable Blogger (author)

 An Audience

Running a successful blog can require a lot of planning. Many successful bloggers spend a long time researching and reading prior to posting each piece. This is a good thing, making sure you are prepared and ready, and the thing posted has optimum appeal and relevance. You must however also be careful to avoid procrastination. You can spend so much time planning that you never actually start the blog.

A blog without a blogger is a just a website. It is static. A blog without interaction or engagement is much like a print book – it can collect (virtual) dust, but it doesn’t truly exist without a reader. Thinking about the purpose of your blog will help ensure you have things to post about and that you engage an audience.

So, to succeed - learn, plan, know what you are doing, then create and post a blog that actually gets traction.