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Articles and book extracts on Human Food and Nutrition, written by staff of ACS Distance Education.
As another private college goes bust in the UK, the lecturers union blame the “marketisation of education” and warned that funding is a free for all amongst private providers. However, ACS Distance Education Principal, John Mason, warns that the problems in education are far more complex than that.
Fridges are considered an essential item in homes today, and we take them for granted. They perform an important role in keeping food chilled and fresh. 15 November is designated as the World Clean Out Your Refrigerator day and serves as a good reminder that fridges should be kept in a clean and sanitary state. In the days before fridges, food might be kept in a pantry, on a cold block, or in an ice-house. There were, however, many other methods used to preserve food.

Growing Nuts?

By ACS Bookshop UK on September 28, 2018 in Food and Nutrition & Horticulture / Gardening | comments
Do you want to know more about nuts? Our eBook Growing and Knowing Nuts is a great source of information for gardeners, commercial growers, or food enthusiasts.

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Is there any connection between weight gain and taste buds?  Read about current research on mice which suggests a link between weight gains and their taste buds.