Read for An Hour

The 23rd of April is World Book Night.  In the UK, there is a lovely idea that from 7pm to 8pm, it is Reading Hour.  During that hour, people are asked to commit to reading for just one hour. This could be –

  • Reading a book, an article, a journal.
  • Reading to someone else.
  • Having a book club meeting or starting one if you don’t already
  • Listening to audio books

    The Reading Agency estimates that one third of people in England don’t read for pleasure, but reading is so beneficial to all of us. They found that –

  • People who read regularly felt less feels of depression and stress.
  • 19% readers said reading made them feel less lonely.
  • A fifth of people who read more than 30 minutes a week reporter greater life satisfaction.

    Reading is also good for us in other ways –

  • Increasing our knowledge
  • Getting us to use our imagination and creativity
  • Learning more about the world around us and the people in it
  • Improving our education, job and career prospects

Spend an hour reading tonight. Enjoy 😊