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Water sports are a growth industry; water activities have become a popular way to keep fit as an ever increasing number of people enjoy swimming for sport, exercise and recreation.  

In simple terms, aqua fitness might be defined as any type of physical exercise undertaken in water, with the purpose of maintaining or developing a desired level of fitness.

A guide for fitness instructors and participants of water related fitness program.

- Easy to follow instructions

- Covers facilities and equipment

- Includes information on how to program an exercise session

- Safety and first aid information

- Legal issues for instructors who wish to offer aqua fitness classes


This is a book for everyone; from professional fitness instructors, to ordinary people who just want to improve their health and fitness.

Aquafitness can involve a wide variety of things, from swimming or snorkeling to water aerobics or deep water running. Exercising in water has tremendous advantages over exercising on land. It is low impact, and that fact alone reduces likelihood of short or long term injuries; not to mention the fantastic benefits it offers to people who have impaired movement or are undergoing rehabilitation. In addition, the cooling effect of the water, reduces the chance of heat stress during a work out.

This ebook was developed to serve two purposes

- To provide a guide of how anyone can exercise properly and safely in their own home pool, or a local swimming pool.

- To train fitness leaders in how to organise and instruct clients in aquafitness


If you know someone with back or knee problems; or who is needing rehabilitation after an operation, aquafitness may be the best and safest way for them to rebuild their strength and mobility.

For older people with more fragile bones, aquafitness allows the best opportunity of regular exercise with minimum risk of injury.

For elite sportsmen, aqua exercise allows more frequent and intense exercise with reduced chance of long term detrimental effects on the body.


Pages: 121

Images: 48

ISBN:  978-0-9871022-9-4



Chapter 1 Aqua fitness activities

Chapter 2 Facilities and equipment

Chapter 3 Exercises for aqua fitness

Chapter 4 Programming an exercise session

Chapter 5 Safety and health

Chapter 6 Running an exercise session

Chapter 7 Swimming

Appendix I Hydrodynamic principles

Appendix II Directory

The author, John Mason, has been involved in the Recreation industry since the mid 1970’s when he worked as Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Essendon in Australia. He has been a member of the Australian Council of Physical Education and Recreation since 1977; and is currently principal of the Australian Correspondence Schools. Through this school, John has written and conducts accredited distance education courses including the Fitness Leaders Certificate and an Advanced Diploma in Recreation-Fitness.

In addition, for the past five years John has practiced what he preaches in this book. He is a qualified scuba diver, has participated regularly in deep water running at a Gold Coast health club; and more recently designed and built his own home pool with specific features to accommodate aquafitness activities.

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Aqua Fitness- PDF Ebook Aqua Fitness- PDF Ebook
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