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Explore these stunning Australian plants. Related to the proteas of South Africa, Banksias are indigenous almost entirely to Australia.

Like proteas, their flowers are often large, colourful, and prized as commercial cut flowers. Banksias are used widely as garden shrubs and trees across Australia and have enormous potential to be grown for shade, colour and architectural form in many other parts of the world. Some will grow in cold climates and tolerate frost reasonably well whereas others grow into the tropics and tolerate high humidity. Many of the species from Western Australia though, while tolerant of drought are not tolerant of wet conditions in the soil or humidity in the air particularly over summer. You can grow Banksias in most places, but you do need to choose an appropriate cultivar and treat it appropriately; and this book can help with that.

With 62 pages, the banksias ebook is ideal for a gardening enthusiasts, horticulturalists, landscapers and students. 

Description of banksia 
Culture of banksia 
Propagating banksia
Commercial applications  
Cultivation requirements of a range of species
Origin of some species
Compare some more common banksia species 
Selected species 
Other banksias


Watch our video to better understand the family of plants Banksias belong to. 



Banksias are some of the most stunning flowering plants you will ever encounter. Banksias are used widely in Australia as garden plants; and selected cultivars have great potential as garden plants beyond Australia

Banksias are grown commercially for cut flowers in various parts of the world including: southern Australia, Israel, South Africa, California and Hawaii. Many species are grown commercially as cut flowers.

Cut flowers may be sold fresh; or occasionally dried and coloured with dye to sell as dried flowers.

The most popular cut flower species is B. coccinea. Others grown for cut flowers (and in some cases foliage), include: B. prionotes, B. hookeriana, B. burdettii, B. victoriae, B. baxteri, B. menziesii etc.
B. ashbyi is particularly popular as a cut flower in Israel.

Banksia wood and cones are prized for wood turning.


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Banksias- PDF ebook Banksias- PDF ebook
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