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Birds - Identify Birds - PDF ebook

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An essential reference for nature lovers and bird watchers; or an accompanying text for anyone studying zoology or ornithology.

This book makes a identifying birds easy for anyone who is relatively new to the subject. The trick about identifying any sort of animal or plant is to get to know the broad groups first; so as to have a foundation in the subject. After that, identifying the different species within that broad group will become so much easier. For example: you first need to be able to distinguish between birds of prey and other birds, then identifying different types of birds of prey will become so much easier. Similarly, you need to understand the difference between seabirds and divers, before you start to learn the differences between different types of seabirds (or divers).

Come and enjoy a captivating compilation of birdlife, their behaviour and how these fascinating creatures adapt to the world. This book includes an assortment of factual information, exhilarating illustrations and a gathering of interesting facts that will appeal to bird enthusiasts at all levels of talent.

This Bird Ebook has 117 pages and over 130 photos

This is a unique opportunity to develop that solid foundation; that will allow you to build your knowledge and become an expert in ornithology. This book is intended as a great start for those studying birds or amateur bird watchers. 'Birds' is a complementary text for anyone studying the Ornithology (BEN102) course, with ACS Distance Education.


Chapter 1

How Birds are Classified?

This chapter explains the system of taxonomy (eg. What is an order, family, species, genus etc); then moves on to provide a very brief overview of each of the maqin groups of birds, from water birds to song birds and birds of prey to flightless birds

Chapter 2 

This is the largest chapter in the book.
It systematically presents each of the 29 main orders that birds belong to, and provides illustrations and descriptions of each order, in turn.

Flightless Birds
Emu and Cassowaries
Song Birds
Passerines (Perching Birds)
Birds of Prey (Raptors)
Water Fowl
Game Birds
Water Birds
Crane, Bustard, Button Quail, Kagu, Plains Wanderer, Mud Hen Rails
Heron and Stork
Loons (Divers)
Grebes (Diving Birds)
Albatross, Petrel, Shearwater, Fulmar (Tubenoses)
Gull, Tern, Auk, Skua, Shorebird, Skimmer, Plover
Cormorant, Shag, Darter, Pelican, Gannet, Tropicbird, Boobie
Cockatoo, Parrot, Lorikeet, Parakeets
Dove, Pigeon, Dodo (Extinct)
Turacoo, Cuckoo, Cooucal, Roadrunner, Hoatzin
Nightjar, Owlet- Nightjar, Frogmouth, Oilbird, Nighthawks, Whippoorwills
Hummingbird, Swift, Tree Swift
Mousebird, Colies
Trogonos, Quetzals, Plumed Birds
Bee-Eater, Roller, Kingfisher, Hornbill, Tody, Hoopoe
Woodpecker, Puffbird, Barbet, Jacamar, Barbet, Toucan, Honeyguides

Chapter 3

Glossary of Bird Terms

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Birds - Identify Birds - PDF ebook Birds - Identify Birds - PDF ebook
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