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Counselling Practice Study Guide

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Learn the basics of counselling.

Counselling is all about helping people overcome the issues that cause them to worry and stress. Through this course you will develop a greater understanding of people and what drives them. Your ability to observe and understand people will improve, and that will help you to not only be better at counselling, but also better at communication in all other aspects of your daily life.

Some people will use this course for professional training, to start developing skills they might help in a job they are already doing. Others may use this as “taster” course, to see if they are suited to further training and working in counselling.  Yet others may use it to prepare for volunteer work (eg. Lifeline, Youth Work, Charities, etc)

Course Content

This course has seven lessons as follows

1. Where can Counselling be Used

2. How to See Behind the Mask

3. Emotions and Attitudes

4. How to Communicate Better when All You Have is Words

5. Theory versus Practice

6. Diffusing Difficult Situations

7. Golden Rules or Tips


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Counselling Practice Study Guide Counselling Practice Study Guide
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