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Many of us harbour a fantasy about being a creative writer, but what do we really mean by that? If we were to divide writing into two broad categories these would usually be fiction and non-fiction. Most people would consider creative writing to fall under the category of fiction, and indeed it usually does. In recent years however, a new genre of writing known as creative non-fiction has emerged in which the goal is to write a factual account which reads like fiction, but which utilises literary techniques. Creative non-fiction might be regarded as a hybrid between fiction and non-fiction.

It is difficult to offer an absolute definition of creative writing. Perhaps even to attempt to do so would be somewhat paradoxical. A broad definition of creative writing would be something along the lines of “an open and imaginative form of writing in which the author freely expresses their unique thoughts and feelings”. It is the focus on authenticity, imagination, and expression which separates creative writing form other forms.

The Creative Writing Ebook has some great tips on improving your creative writing techniques. With 87 pages, this ebook will help you get your ideas down and become a better creative writer.


Chapter 1 Scope and nature of creative writing
Definitions of creative writing
Plots in creative writing
To be or not to be - creative
Characteristics of a creative writer
Oral storytelling
Types of creative writing
The personality of the creative writer

Chapter 2 Methodology and technique -the bricks & mortar of writing
Time management
Keeping notebooks
Using formulas
Writing the novel
Writing techniques
How to frame time
Constructing a timeline
Objectivity and subjectivity
Ordered versus disordered messages
Plotting a story
Conflict and obstacles
Point of view
Capturing attention
Developing your characters
The end of your story
Writing creative non-fiction articles
Writing dialogue
Script writing
Writing news scripts

Chapter 3 Genres
Children’s books
Fantasy writing
Crime fiction
Science fiction
Romance and relationship writing
Commercial genres
Creative marketing
Non-fiction writing
Which genre?

Chapter 4 Creative non-fiction
Defining creative non -fiction
Literary journalism
Tips to write creative non-fiction
Examples of creative non-fiction
Picking your specialist areas
Chapter 5 Creative writing techniques
Rhythm of the story (peaks and troughs)
Landmark events
Crisis – conflict – resolution
Exaggerating reality

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Creative Writing- PDF ebook Creative Writing- PDF ebook
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