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Garden Design Part 2- PDF ebook

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The Garden Design Part 2 ebook follows on from the Garden Design Part 1 ebook and explores the different  Garden Design ideas and offers an array of inspiration for designing gardens.

 Garden Design and Landscaping! 

  • Download it, zoom in and start designing
  • Look at a variety of garden styles
  • Formal and natural gardens
  • Eclectic and modern designs
  • Oriental and Mediterranean inspired landscapes

A stand alone book that is an excellent companion to Garden Design Part 1!

Chapter 18 (continuing on from Garden Design 1) Surfacing ideas

Soft materials; Hard surfaces; Segmented or modular paving; Unsegmented or continuous paving; Coloured pebbles and gravel; Why pave an area?; Where to pave and how much; Choosing the right paving; Some golden rules; Creating special effects with paving; Bringing new life to old paving; Paving maintenance; Chapter 19 garden arches
Pergolas and pavilions; Choosing the right arch; Maintenance of metal arches; Maintenance of timber arches; Pergolas; Building a pergola; Living in a garden pavilion

Chapter 20 Dealing with confined spaces
Courtyards; Narrow gardens; Plants for narrow gardens; Verandas

Chapter 21 Water gardens
Water in the landscape; Water effects; Construction; Water pumps; Edges of water features; Keeping the water clean; Oxygenating plants; Creating a waterfall; Types of waterfall; Fencing/safety of water features

Chapter 22 Using plants in the garden
The garden bed; Plants for your garden; Plants for different uses; Plants to avoid

Chapter 23 Formal gardens
Elements of the formal garden; Simple formal gardens; Formal areas

Chapter 24 Natural gardens
How to develop a natural garden; Natural tools

Chapter 25 Rainforest gardens

Chapter 26 Coastal gardens

Other strategies for growing coastal plants; Hardy seaside plants

Chapter 27 Cottage gardens
Principles of cottage garden design; Cottage garden plants

Chapter 28 Late Victorian/Edwardian gardens
How to create your own Edwardian style garden; Edwardian features

Chapter 29 Oriental gardens
Chinese gardening; Japanese gardening;Traditional oriental garden plants; Japanese gardens; Use of rocks; Other features

Chapter 30 Mediterranean gardens
What is a Mediterranean garden?

Chapter 31 Mexican style
How Mexican gardens involved; How to reflect the plants

Chapter 32 Minimalist landscape design
Designing a minimalist garden; Some variations on minimalist gardens

Chapter 33 Eclectic gardens
Ideas for creating an eclectic garden

About the Author:

John L. Mason Dip.Hort.Sc., Sup'n Cert., FIOH, FPLA, MAIH, MACHPER, MASA

Mr Mason has had over 35 years experience in the fields of Horticulture, Recreation, Education and Journalism. He has extensive experience both as a public servant, and as a small business owner. John has held positions ranging from Director of Parks and Recreation (City of Essendon) to magazine editor.


John is a well respected member of many professional associations, and author of over thirty five books and of over two thousand magazine articles. Even today, John continues to write books for various publishers including Simon and Shuster, and Landlinks Press (CSIRO Publishing).


ISBN- 978-0-9871395-2-8
Pages- 104
Images- 295

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Garden Design Part 2- PDF ebook Garden Design Part 2- PDF ebook
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