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Gardening Skills Short Course

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Learn Essential Gardening Skills in your own pace

Gardening can be a lot of fun, a hobby or a job. Without an understanding of the basics though, mistakes are easily made. Time and money can be wasted doing gardening tasks incorrectly, or with the wrong equipment and materials. This short course can be studied in your own time and is great way of learning all of the gardening essentials.

This course is a great way of minimising those issues, and creating a better looking, more functional garden.

If you are a home gardener -be a better one.

If you work in the garden industry - stop making basic mistakes that are easily avoided.

A little gardening knowledge can go a long way.


This short course covers eight lessons:

1 Approaches to Gardening

2. Tools and Equipment

3.  Plants and Planting

4. Growing Media and Pots

5. Watering and Feeding

6. Pests, Diseases and Weeds

7. Pruning and Mowing

8. Garden Techniques - organics to hydroponics, no dig to bonsai; and more. 

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Gardening Skills Short Course Gardening Skills Short Course
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