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Getting Work in a Modern World - PDF ebook

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This is a must read; for students, parents, the unemployed, careers advisors or anyone interested in changing or forging a sustainable career.

In the past, careers were simple. If you went to school and did the right training, you could be pretty certain of finding secure work, and earning a decent living. Getting a job used to be relatively straight forward. Before the mid 20th century the world was much simpler, and pathways to careers were much simpler. Many people would follow in the footsteps of their parents, doing similar training to their parents, and following on to do similar work.

Careers are no longer simple!

The world is in transition, and the changes occurring today are no less significant than those of the industrial revolution or reformation.
There are two ways to react to change; either to become unsettled, or to see the opportunities it offers.

This book is all about recognising the changes in today's world and discovering a career path, remaining flexible in your approach to work and building an advantage over your competition in the workplace.

We are living in exciting times; and opportunities do abound for employment; but success depends upon a holistic approach. Learning is still important, but qualifications might not necessarily be as important as you think. Learning must be coupled with other things like communication and technical skills, attitude, networking and experience.

Studying remains an important piece of the puzzle if you seek a successful career; but without the other pieces of the puzzle, it may simply leave you stranded in unemployment queues.

  • 168 pages
  • Full colour
  • Lots of job profiles
  • An emphasis on or to adapt to change

Part 1   Choosing a Job: Planning a Career

1. Career Myths
2. Finding Your Path
3. Understanding Employers
4. Preparing for a Job
5. Jobs to Consider: Looking to the Future

Part 2  Career Profiles

6. Information Technology
7. Business, Management and Sales
8. Health and Wellbeing
9. Horticulture
10. Wildlife and Environmental
11. Animal Care
12. Agriculture
13. Hospitality and Tourism
14. Media
15. Education

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Getting Work in a Modern World - PDF ebook Getting Work in a Modern World - PDF ebook
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