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Getting Work in Horticulture - PDF ebook

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The Getting Work in Horticulture ebook explores the careers that are emerging in the horticultural industry and the kind of jobs that will be in demand in the future.

Whilst a general understanding of horticultural principles and practices is required for most positions in amenity horticulture, the depth of this knowledge varies with the job role.

This book is unique. It looks at where horticultural careers are heading in the future; rather than focusing on traditional jobs of the past.
Full Color, 72 page e book


Getting Work in Horticulture covers the following topics:
Chapter 1   Working in Horticulture
Scope of horticultural industries
Types of jobs
Scope of world horticulture
Chapter 2   Discovering your path
The big questions
Chapter 3.   Horticultural Education
Education today
Chapter 4   Amenity Horticulture
Park Ranger
Landscape Designer or Landscape Architect
Landscape Contractor or Tradesman
Greenkeeper and Turf Manager
Interior Plantscaper
Other jobs in the Amenity Horticulture Sector
Chapter 5.   Production Horticulture
Market Gardener
Vineyard Manager
Nursery Person or Worker
Garden Centre or Retail Nursery Person
Cut Flower Grower
Herb Grower
Plant Breeder
Hydroponics Farmer or Supplier
Other Production Jobs
Chapter 6   Other Horticultural Jobs
Garden Writer, Broadcaster, Media Work
Allied Trader
Horticultural Research Scientist
Horticultural Consultant
Horticultural Tour Guide or Operator
Horticultural Therapist
Horticultural Educationist
Other jobs

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Getting Work in Horticulture - PDF ebook Getting Work in Horticulture - PDF ebook
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