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Growing & Using Mushrooms - PDF ebook

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Out of all the edible fungi throughout the world, Agaricus bisporus and its various strains, the button mushroom (also known as the champignon), is one of the most cultivated and consumed species world-wide. This book focusses (in the main) on growing button mushrooms but once you have acquired this knowledge it can be applied to many other edible species. A great book that covers all the fundamental aspects needed to grow your own mushrooms or to start a small mushroom farm.

1.    Introduction
2.    Spawn Production
3.    Compost Production
4.    Structures and Environment Control
5.    Growing Methods
6.    Health/Pest & Disease
7.    Harvest, Storage 
8.    Using Mushrooms

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Growing & Using Mushrooms - PDF ebook Growing & Using Mushrooms - PDF ebook
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