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Herbs are among the easiest of plants to look after but that doesn’t mean you should plant them and forget them.

There is no one ideal set of growing conditions for herbs. They come from many different plant families which have adapted to different types of environments all over the world – consequently they all require different growing conditions. One of the things they do have in common, however, is that they generally have a scent, and in most cases a sunny position is needed to fully develop the oils or chemicals which give herbs their characteristic scent or taste.
The ideal growing conditions for most herbs are similar to those required by vegetables, namely raised beds, moist but well drained and mulched soil, full sun for at least part of the day but not too exposed to frost and wind, and generally fertile, weed-free soil. Some herbs, however, do prefer soils that are not over-fertile. 

Herbs are fascinating plants, mystical and romantic. They have a rich history dating back centuries. Used by monks, apothecaries and ‘witches’ in the past, herbs are undergoing a revival in interest. They are easy to grow, scented, culinary and medicinal plants.

In a formal herb garden or peppered throughout the garden, herbs rarely fail! Find out how they are used as medicines, for cooking,perfumes and more. This book has nine chapters covering the following topics: an introduction to herbs, cultivation, propagation, pests and diseases, herb gardens, and A-Z plant directory, using herbs, features for herb gardens, herb gardens, an A-Z plant directory, using herbs, features for herb gardens, herbs in pots - 113 colour photos, 61 pages.

Chapter 1 introducing herbs
Growing healthy herbs 
Where herbs can be grown
Getting your plants

Chapter 2 cultivating herbs 
What herbs to grow in what soils
Making a no-dig herb garden
Feeding herbs
Watering herbs 
Plant protection

Chapter 3 propagating herbs
Propagation by division
Propagation by cuttings
Propagation by layering
Propagation by seeds

Chapter 4 pests and diseases
Herbs which repel insects
Companion planting
Companion planting chart
Other natural pest controls

Chapter 5 a garden of herbs
Types of herb gardens
Landscaping with herbs
A lemon scented herb garden

Chapter 6 herbs encyclopaedia
An a-z of selected herbs
Other herbs to consider

Chapter 7 using herbs
Harvesting herbs
Herbs for pot-pourri
Herbal remedies 
Skin care
What herb for what complaint
Herbal teas
Cooking with herbs
Dried flowers
Herbal fragrances
Herbs for potpourris, sachets, etc.
Insect repelling sachets
Extracting herb scents 
Herb for baths and personal care

Chapter 8 furniture and features
Seats and tables
Arches, gates and walls
Gazebos and others
Statues and ornaments
Paths and pavings

Chapter 9 growing herbs in pots
How to repot
Pyramid planters
Herbs as indoor plants
Hydroponic herbs


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Herbs - PDF ebook Herbs - PDF ebook
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