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Studying a course can be a great way of learning; but if you remain unchanged in your abilities and forget most of what you studied a year later; the whole experience may well have been wasted. For many people,studying is difficult, not enjoyable and relatively unproductive.

The Learning ebook will provide you with insights into learning and the different ways in which people will learn. Aimed at people who are currently studying, parents or teachers who want to support the learning of others, this ebook is 61 pages and is a must read.



Chapter 1- How People Learn?
Gaining knowledge
Applying established theories in teaching and learning
Why do we need to know people’s learning styles?

Chapter 2- What to Learn?
Knowing what to avoid
Be aware of what you learn
Valuable attributes to learn
Choosing a child’s school
Making the choice to study

Chapter 3- Why Learn?
The importance of learning in children
A good foundation is very important
Motivation helps us learn

Chapter 4- How to Learn Successfully?
More tips for learning
Different learning for different people
Setting effective learning goals
Develop good study habits
Time management
Different methods of learning for top results
Methods of studying (learning systems)
Memory tips
Tips for writing and essays
Reading text books effectively
Taking notes
Preparing for exams
Get started!

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Learning- PDF Ebook Learning- PDF Ebook
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