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"The aim of marketing is to create demand for a product or service, either by making people aware of its existence, or by making them feel they want or need the product. Whether one does this by sending out tweets and YouTube videos, printing posters, publishing articles on the product, or using a town crier - the desired goal is still the same.

Whilst the tools of modern marketing in no way resemble those used in the past, the core principals are similar.

There is a famous story about King Frederick II of Prussia, who enacted what these days might be dubbed “guerrilla marketing tactics”, in an attempt to ease the famine of 1774. King Frederick saw potatoes as a solution to the famine, however introducing them to the peasants did not go down well, given that not even the dogs would eat them. They refused to plant them in their fields and King Frederick II was forced to come up with another method of convincing people to consume them. Essentially he had to market them somehow and create desire in his “target market”.

The solution he implemented was to have a large field of potatoes planted and then heavily guarded. The guards, however, were ordered to look the other way when people came to steal the crops. Thus the potato was “re-branded” as something worth guarding and therefore worth having, worth stealing and ultimately worth eating.

The trick today, is working out how to take lessons from the past and implement them using modern marketing tools, which allow you to access a worldwide audience in a manner that more traditional methods and even traditional media cannot compete with."



Chapter 1  Dealing with the Modern World

  • Staying up to date
  • Learn from history

Chapter 2  How to Get Noticed

  • Be seen in three different places

Chapter 3  Changing in Retailing

  • Online selling
  • Virtual services
  • Phone ordering
  • Buying in bulk
  • Trading goods and services
  • Parties
  • Organisational selling

Chapter 4  Using the Internet

  • Websites, apps, social media
  • Websites
  • Mobile friendly sites
  • Apps
  • Social Media
  • Blogs, ezines, ebooks
  • Data collection

Chapter 5  Using Social Media

  • Overview
  • Current social media apps
  • What is possible
  • Things you must do
  • Keywords
  • Examples of tricks of the trade

Chapter 6  Writing that Works

  • Words that sell
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Ezines
  • E books
  • Editorials

Chapter 7  People who work in Marketing

  • Careers in Marketing
  • What is needed to be a successful marketer

Chapter 8    Marketing Terminology


What is Marketing Today?

To understand marketing, you must first understand that the activity of any business can be broken up into a series of components:

  • a. Planning
  • b. Production
  • c. Managing
  • d. Marketing

Planning involves conceiving ideas about the goods or services that you are intending to supply; then determining how to start, maintain and control the business activity.

Production involves creating the goods and services.

Managing involves controlling the work that is done in every part of an organisation.

Marketing involves making customers (or clients) aware of the goods or services, convincing them to buy, supplying what is bought and ensuring the customer remains happy, so as to create a positive impact on future business.

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Modern Marketing- PDF Ebook Modern Marketing- PDF Ebook
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