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For decades farmers have relied upon chemicals to control pests and diseases in order to produce saleable crops. In the ornamental, vegetable and fruit gardens, reliance on chemical controls have been the mainstay for many gardeners.

Unfortunately it is only recently that we have become aware that many of these chemicals are dangerous to humans, let alone the environment. Natural gardening has however increased in popularity in recent years due to the conscious awareness of safety in the garden, the protection of the environment, plus the desire to produce uncontaminated crops that are healthy to eat.

Natural gardening should have an environmentally sound approach that helps people work in and enjoy their gardens but also protects the birds, insects, animals, plants, soils and water that are part of the natural environment. This book will lead you through these practices and guide you to naturally maintain your garden and develop it into a slice of Eden!


ISBN: 978-0-9871395-9-7
Pages: 179
Images: 172

Chapter 1 Introduction

Different ways to garden naturally
Organic gardening
No dig gardening
The natural ornamental garden
What is a natural, wild or bush garden?
Natural gardening techniques

Chapter 2 Soils and nutrition
Natural fertilizers
Soil life

Chapter 3 Pests and diseases
Natural pest and disease control
Biological controls
Companion planting
Plant protection techniques

Chapter 4 Natural weed control

What is a weed?
Weed control methods
Plants which take over

Chapter 5 Conservation and recycling
Kitchen waste
Some ideas for using recyclable materials
Water saving measures
More environmentally friendly gardening

Chapter 6 Growing vegetables naturally
Getting started
Crop rotation
Growing plants from seed
Some vegetables to grow
Harvesting and processing produce
Growing mushrooms

Chapter 7 Growing fruits, nuts and berries the natural way
Soil management in organic orchards
Pest and disease controls for fruits without chemicals
Deciduous fruit trees
Fruit tree directory for temperate and cool climates
Tropical and sub-tropical fruits
Fruiting vines
Berry fruit
Rarer nuts

Chapter 8 Growing herbs naturally
Herbs to grow

Chapter 9 Growing flowers naturally

Annuals, perennials and bulbous plants to grow

Chapter 10 Growing trees and shrubs naturally
Trees in the landscape
Shrubs in the landscape
Shrubs to grow


Courses for natural gardeners
Other resources
Useful contacts
ACS global partners

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Organic Gardening - PDF ebook Organic Gardening - PDF ebook
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