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Preserving Meat and Fish Short Course

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A great course for anyone working with meat or fish; amateur or professional; from the home kitchen to small or large scale operations.  The process of preserving meat or fish can change and enhance food flavours as well as extending the shelf life of the foods. Knowing about food preserving is important for everyone dealing with meat and fish, from the farmer and fisherman to the food processors, food retailers and those who cook the final product -whether in a home kitchen or restaurant.

Lesson 1 introduction

Health risks 

Lesson 2 curing meats 

Salts, sugars and nitrites 
Making salami 
Making dry fermented salami 
Curing prosciutto 
Pickling fish in vinegar or salt 

Lesson 3 drying meat 

What drying does 
What meats to use 
Meat drying techniques 
Sun drying 
Solar drying 

Lesson 4 smoking 

Temperature control 
Which wood to use 
Humidity of the smoker 
Preparing the meat 
Smoking times 

Lesson 5 canning

The pressure method 
Processing procedures 
Beef, lamb, pork 
Minced meat 
Game meats 
Beef bolognese sauce 
Beef or chicken stock 

Lesson 6 freezing 

Freezing meat, poultry and fish 
Processing meat for freezing 
Freezing meat 
Freezing fish and seafood 

Lesson 7 vacuum packaging

Types of domestic vacuum sealers 
What dangers are there in vacuum sealing? 

Lesson 8 business and work opportunities

Business risks 
What is conflict?


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Preserving Meat and Fish Short Course Preserving Meat and Fish Short Course
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