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Gardens are a delight at any time, but never more so than when in full bloom and enriched by embracing fragrances. All too often these are temporary highlights rather than permanent characteristics of a garden. Scented plants can be either a delight or a curse. For many people, there is nothing more pleasing that a garden filled with fragrance, but for others who suffer allergies, certain plants can make them physically ill.

The scented plants ebook will help you select wonderfully scented plants to compliment your garden. Why only treat your eyes in your garden when you can also treat your sense of smell? Step outside and smell the wonderful aroma of your carefully selected plants. What a treat!

Fragrance is for many people, one of the most enchanting characteristics of a garden. Even though some varieties of roses, herbs and cottage plants are not strongly scented, many are. Some release fragrance from the flowers, others from the foliage. Some plants will smell strongly at certain times of the year, irrespective of where you plant them, while other plants need to be brushed or crushed to release the fragrant oils, and as such must be planted between stepping stones or spilling over the edges of garden beds.


Pages: 87
Images: 103
ISBN: 978-0-9874018-4-7 




Chapter 1 Growing scented plants
Choosing fragrances
The right scent
Growing scented plants
Preparing your scented garden
Time of planting
Basic planting procedure

Chapter 2 Scented climbers and shrubs
Scented climbers
Scented shrubs

Chapter 3 Scented foliage
Places to plant aromatic foliage plants
Plants with scented foliage
Commonly grown artemisia
More scented foliage plants
Scented pelargoniums
Popular scented pelargoniums

Chapter 4 Roses
Growing scented roses
Some highly scented roses
Rose classification
Modern garden roses
Old world/species roses
Rose pests and diseases

Chapter 5 Citrus scented plants
Citrus scented herbs
Other lemon-scented plants
Citrus trees
Temperature tolerance
Citrus directory
Citrus culture
Common problems
Pest and disease problems

Chapter 6 Lavender
What lavender to grow where
Lavender cultivars
Lavender cultivars
Lavender cultivars
Cultural needs
Not all lavender is coloured lavender!
How to harvest lavender
How to use lavender

Chapter 7 Ginger
Ornamental scented gingers
Commonly grown gingers
Edible ginger
Crystalizing ginger

Chapter 8 Scented trees
Fragrant conifers

Chapter 9 Harvesting scented plants
Extending the life of cut flowers
Preserving dried flowers
Air drying
Water drying
Long-keeping annual flowers
Flowers suited to air-drying
Pot pourri
Flowers suited to potpourri
Foliage suited to potpourri
Scented herb oils
Other methods
Lavender oil (massage oil)


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Scented Plants- PDF ebook Scented Plants- PDF ebook
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