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Starting a Garden or Landscape Business - PDF ebook

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Starting a Garden or Landscape Business

Learn from the expert how to get started in a landscaping or garden maintenance/design business.  Packed with valuable business advice, horticultural and landscaping knowledge and practical ideas, this book is a must for garden lovers or anyone thinking about or already involved in a horticultural, landscaping or garden business.  



Getting Started

Points to Watch Out For

Two Ways to Begin in Business

Starting A New Business Compared To Buying One

What Sorts Of Records Do I Need To Keep?

Understanding Contract Law



Types Of Service

Other Options

Complimentary Fringe Services

Considering The Options

What Do You Need To Offer These Services?

Specialist Niche Areas For Landscape Construction

Specialist Areas For A Design Business

Buying Equipment And Tools



Plant Care

Why Plants Get Sick

Preventative Medicine In The Garden


Moving Established Plants

Providing A Spraying Service

Starting A Pruning Service

Starting A Lawn Care Business

Types Of Mowers


Tree Care And Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery Techniques

Gardening & Landscaping Tools

Power Tool Maintenance

How To Manually Handle Objects In The Garden

Starting An Indoor Plant Service



Options For Specialisation

Starting A Garden Design Service

Starting A Landscape Construction Service

Improving Soils

Improving Drainage

Improving Surface Drainage After Construction


Hard Surfacing

Water In The Garden




Business Planning

Landscape Specifications & Contracts


Review by Harriet Walsh in Permaculture Magazine


Starting a Garden or Landscape Business (e-book)

By John Mason



“As you’d expect from a book written by the founder of a distance learning business, it’s easy to read and puts the information across.  The first chapter offers down-to-earth advice points for how to build a successful business.  I noted that some map easily to a permaculture approach. ‘Don’t rush it’ for example fits well with the Holmgren principle of ‘Use Small and Slow Solutions’, whilst the final point ‘Take Care of Yourself’ reflects the permaculture ethic of People Care.


In the remaining chapters the reader is encouraged to think about how they can describe and offer saleable services, and identify their own specialism.  The book is aimed at Australian readers but the majority of the content is applicable to the UK.


This isn’t a specifically permaculture book and the technical information about planting, cultivation and garden maintenance will not always be suitable for a permaculture designer in many cases.  Nor is it a detailed ‘how-to’ maual.  It would be great for someone who is reasonably confident about their ability to take on a project, for example building a retaining wall or laying a drain and just needs the reassurance of reading through a bullet-point project plan before starting.  There’s also good general advice around starting and developing a business.


The final chapter, particularly the notes on costing, would be very helpful for business planning and getting quotes together for clients.  There is an example table that could be used as a starting point for working out what your annual costs for a business are likely to be.


With its encouraging and practical approach I’d recommend this ebook to anyone who’s in the early stages of thinking about setting up a garden or landscape business.”


About the Author:
John L. Mason Dip.Hort.Sc., Sup'n Cert., FIOH, FPLA, MAIH, MACHPER, MASA

Mr Mason has had over 35 years experience in the fields of Horticulture, Recreation, Education and Journalism. He has extensive experience both as a public servant, and as a small business owner. John has held positions ranging from Director of Parks and Recreation (City of Essendon) to magazine editor.

John is a well respected member of many professional associations, and author of over thirty five books and of over two thousand magazine articles. Even today, John continues to write books for various publishers including Simon and Shuster, and Landlinks Press (CSIRO Publishing).
ISBN: 978-0-9871022-8-7

Pages: 125

Images: 22


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Starting a Garden or Landscape Business - PDF ebook Starting a Garden or Landscape Business - PDF ebook
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