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What to Plant Where - PDF ebook

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The What to Plant Where ebook by John Mason is a guide to choosing and using the right plant for all sorts of difficult situations, from hot places to cold, wet to dry and shaded to exposed.

John Mason has brought together more than 40 years of experience with gardens from the sub tropics to temperate climates, and across the world from Australia to the UK.

This book is intended for anyone from home gardeners to nurserymen, landscapers and gardeners. It is full of plant lists and easy reference charts as well as lots of high quality colour photos. 157 pages

Plant selection is an important part of creating a beautiful and functional garden. With careful selection and well thought out planting schemes you can minimise maintenance, minimise disease and prevent over-planting. Over-planting is one of the most easily made mistakes in a garden. This is especially so for large trees that could end up being very costly to remove. Tangled trees (through over-planting) are never attractive, and also create a hostile environment for many plant species that may have been planted beneath them, when the trees were still small.


Chapter 1  Plant Selection

Planting Strategies

Chapter 2   Plant Establishment Methods

Ways to help plants get established

Techniques for planting sloped areas

Planting arid sites

Rehabilitating damaged soils in the home garden

Chapter 3   Detecting Problems



First: Conduct an inspection

Second: Take note of the environment

Third: Identify the problem

Fourth:  Treat the Problem

Chapter 4   Solutions for Wet Areas

What can cause wet areas in your garden

Problems with wet areas

Overcoming problems with boggy or wet areas

Plants for wet areas

How to keep soil wet all year

Plants that grow in permanently wet soil

Plants that tolerate wet in winter and drier soil in summer

Creating a bog garden

Construction of water gardens

Plants for water gardens

Chapter 5   Gardening in the Shade


Shade Trees

Deciduous or semi deciduous trees

Evergreen shade trees

Chapter 6   Windbreaks Hedges and Screens



Chapter 7   Plants for Dry Gardens

Gardening in dry conditions

Design and planting a firebreak

Chapter 8   Coastal Gardens

Dealing with salt

Creating windbreaks

Hardy seaside plants

Chapter 9   Trees and Shrubs

Evergreen trees

Cool conifers

Deciduous trees for autumn colour

Shrubs in the landscape

Examples of long flowering plants

Shrubs that flower in autumn

What flowers in winter

Living Christmas trees

Chapter 10   Fitting More in a Smaller Garden

How to fit more into a small garden

Small, trouble free plants

Space saving decoration

Go up

Expand your garden


Design your garden to appear bigger

Chapter 11  Plants for Various Situations

Frost hardy plants

Hardy plants for inner city gardens

Plants for pets

Long narrow areas

Chapter 12   Lawns

Choosing the right lawn

Turf varieties

Chapter 13   Living Garden Art

Living art

How to make a hedge

Miniature/ table top gardens

Using junk in living gardens




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What to Plant Where - PDF ebook What to Plant Where - PDF ebook
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