Getting Fussy Children to eat

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Kid’s eat colour

Published by Wellbeing Newsletter 18 January 2012

 Parenting is a quixotic task; if anything resembles tilting at windmills, it is trying to get it right as a parent. Yes, parenting is rewarding and uplifting, but also rigorous and difficult. Parents are required at various times to possess the diplomacy skills of Kissinger (in solving disputes), the creativity of Michelangelo (in finding ways to occupy time that don’t involve a flat screen), the patience of a medieval Cathedral builder, and the energy and drive of Edmund Hilary (in order to keep up with the expansive life force that kids express. Any one of these qualities is deserving of a Nobel Prize in and of itself but underlying all of this there is the simple yet infinitely challenging task of getting your child to eat well. At least new research has some advice to offer on this latter front.


The world is changing

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Someone put their foot down on the world's accellerator .

What has changed in your life over the past few years, and how are you coping?

Social media, web sites and e books didn't exist not so long ago.


How many people dream about a professional writer?  Professional Writing is any writing that you are being paid for.  It can include fiction writing, a bestselling book, articles in a magazine, articles in a newspaper, blogs for companies, newsletters and so on. However, many people will write for sheer pleasure.

Many people have a passion for writing and a dream to earn their living from writing; but in reality, many professional writers struggle to achieve their dream. Even some famous authors actually had to self-publish initially.


Studying a Degree

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Degrees are not all the same standard

ACS Distance Education and Affiliated Colleges ( ) offer one of the most diverse and reputable ranges of qualifications anywhere in the world.

Graduates compete strongly with graduates from all other colleges

John Mason (Principal) states:

"We even hear of graduates with our lower level qualifications beating people who have much higher university level qualifications for jobs."
Terms such as certificate, diploma, degree and masters degree are often not the same from college to college, and country to country.
Example: The ISHS published an article a couple of years ago showing degrees in some countries were 2 years full time study, while in other countries, they were 5 years full time study.
Most leading universities would consider a degree to be 3,000 hours or more of study that is focussed on academic learning first, and training for a job second. Vocational Diplomas can vary from perhaps 100 hours at some colleges, to 2,500 hours or more at top end colleges. The primary difference is that a Vocational diploma would normally focus on preparing you for a job first, and theoretical knowledge second.