Potting Plants

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Some plants will generally grow, and may flower better, if repotted each year.  Others can be damaged if the roots are disturbed, and should not be repotted very often.

Knowing what to pot up and when to pot it, is all tied into having a good knowledge of the plants you are growing. There are tens of thousands of different plants in cultivation, and they all need to be treated differently.  Our ebooks and courses can help; but information needs to be backed up with experience as well. Never stop reading and studying, so your knowledge keeps building; but always keep practicing and experimenting, so your experience makes the knowledge relevant. 


Garden Drainage

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Without good drainage, erosion and waterlogging can cause soil deterioration and damage or kill plants, ground surfaces can become slippery, and gardens can become unusable. 

Too much water lying in the garden or on the lawn can create all sorts of problems.  Aside from making it unpleasant to walk on the lawn, weeds and diseases can flourish and plants will find it hard to get the oxygen they need.  

If you have a waterlogging problem in your garden during winter, then you will need to take steps to take the water away from the site.  


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Heartworm can be a very serious and relatively common problem for dogs in many parts of the world.

You may not like the idea of keeping your pet dog on permanent medication throughout their life; but the risk of heartworm killing a dog is so high, in any place where mosquitoes are common; that there really is little option

Making Lemonade

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Make your own lemonade or other citrus drink.

Growing citrus can be a feast or famine; and what to do with too many lemons or limes can sometimes be a challenge.  You can freeze some (This does work), or freeze the juice in an ice block tray;  but even then, you can only use so many. 

Making lemonade is something that is worth trying.  It isn't the same as the fizzy drink you buy in a bottle; but for many people, it is far better.


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SPINACH is a vegetable related to silver beet and red beet (ie. beet root).

It is an excellent source of Vitamin C and potassium.  It also provides carotene, which is converted into Vitamin A in the body.  Spinach is high in iron, although there has been some debate as to whether this is in a readily available form. It contains no fat or cholesterol, and is up to 5% protein. This makes it a very desirable and healthy food.