Marketing on the Internet

By ACS Distance Education on December 3, 2012 in Business | comments

How Do You Market on the Internet
(extract from our Modern Marketing Ebook)

The internet may not have had a massive impact on how we produce goods or plan our business; or how we do the bookkeeping or manage our staff; but when it comes to communicating with potential customers, the internet has caused very dramatic changes in the world of commerce and particularly marketing. 

In the previous chapter we talked about websites and how they can be used. Just having a website is, however, often not enough. A website has to be done well to be effective.

A website can be used to advertise goods and services, or, it can be used to advertise and sell goods and services.  Either way, it should be linked in with all your social media tools.

If the website is used to advertise the goods and services, but not sell them, it should still tell the potential customer where to buy them. If the website is used to both advertise and sell the products, it should be an effective advert and encourage the potential customer to click to buy the product instantly.