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Diana Cole, one of our horticulture tutors shares more about giant vegetables!

“I recently visited a seed and plant nursery which is the home of the Mammoth Onion (and also a selection of other Mammoth vegetables!).  The nursery is based in the north west of England and seeds which the nursery produces are supplied to seed sellers and growers on an international basis."


By ACS Bookshop UK on February 12, 2016 in Environment & Psychology, Behaviour and Counselling | comments

Do you know about a phobia concerning a fear of thunder and lightning?


Read more about Astraphobia here.


Principle No. 2 - Local People must have ownership of conservation programmes.


Any one who has planted a tree will know that there is an invisible but unbreakable bond between you and that tree forever.  This powerful connection that we have with the local biological diversity is a crucial component of conservation.



5 Top Tips for Event Photography

By ACS Bookshop UK on February 10, 2016 in General | comments

Any event can be photographed, whether it is a fast sporting event, festival, fundraising event, carnival, music gig or even a town fayre.  It may be covered by photojournalists or even a hobbyist photographer.  Either way, to cover an event clearly, it is important that the photographer tells the whole story with the photographs, ensuring each highlighted moments of the event are captured to the fullest.


Read on for five tips which will help you on your way to becoming better at event photography.