Renishaw Hall & Gardens


Renishaw Hall & Gardens in Derbyshire is the winner of the 2015 Garden of the Year Award, awarded by the Historic Houses Association and sponsored by Christie's.

This national award is designed to recognise the importance of some of the country’s most spectacular gardens with outstanding horticultural and public appeal, either in their own right or as the setting for a historic house.


Study Our Bachelors Degrees

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ACS Distance Education has had a partnership for more than a decade, offering Bachelors degrees in a range of disciplines, using curriculum developed by ACS in collaboration with Warnborough College, using course materials developed by us at ACS, and delivered by expert staff at Warnborough Ireland.

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Writing Essays

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Although the essay uses objective information, its purpose is generally to develop or argue a main idea (the thesis). A good essay encourages the reader to think about ideas, and provides new insights and perspectives on a subject. It does this mostly by weighing data and the opinions of experts, and building a case for the theory - which may even be that there is no clear answer!

Using Macadamia Nuts

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Like cashews, macadamias have a high fat content, making for a decadent treat.  Macadamias are used whole, crushed, or ground, and the oil extracted from macadamias is also popular.

Like many nuts, macadamias are delicious coated in chocolate. As a snack, people also commonly eat them raw, salted, roasted, and honey roasted.