Chrysanthemums are grown as cut flowers both in open fields and in greenhouses; or as perennial plants in gardens.
They are immensely popular, and have been for hundreds of years.
This article, taken from our ebook on perennials; provides a brief overview of chrysanthemums, and how to grow them.

How suited are you to a career with animals?
Some people love to make things from inanimate objects more than spend time interacting with other people. Some might say they prefer the company of animals to people.

It is important to understand that working with animals also involves working with people. You will always have colleagues or clients to work with -so don't ever assume that working with animals is a job for people who don't get on with other people.
It could involve giving keeper talks if you are working in a zoo, advising people about pet care if you are working in a pet shop or dealing with anxious owners if you are working in a kennels or cattery or in a Veterinary Surgery. In general, wherever there are animals there are people too, so it is important to realise that a career with animals will also involve interacting with the public.