Different chemicals have different effects on behaviour.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are similar to the chemical morphine. They have the effect of reducing pain. Endorphins become more active in the body during extreme exercise (e.g. long distance running). Narcotic drugs have an effect similar to endorphins but they are not natural and may have side effects that endorphin’s do not have. It is thought by some that acupuncture works through helping to stimulate the release of endorphins throughout the body by triggering a pain response.


Some Great Ideas for Small Gardens or Courtyards

If your courtyard is looking a bit lacklustre, why not give it a revamp using some of the following ideas:

Add Container Plants
Container plants are a simple solution for livening up a courtyard. You won’t need to dig out planting holes or build raised beds to achieve an instant effect.
There are many different containers available, ranging from man-made reconstituted stone and plastic through to wood and terracotta.
You can place pots along the ground, planters along the tops of walls, planter boxes or troughs on the face of walls, or even hang baskets from awnings and pergolas.
Make sure that the weight can be supported adequately though.
For a formal effect, use matched containers and plantings in a symmetrical arrangement. For a more relaxed approach, group together different styles of containers and plants.