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Brand new Pruning Short Course

What does our Principal, John Mason, have to say about the course?

"This is an ideal professional development course or training program for anyone working in gardening or horticulture. The ability to prune plants properly is a skill which most people working in horticulture struggle with. Lots of gardeners could offer a far better service to clients or employers if they do this course. People seeking to start or improve a business can benefit, and people seeking work may give themselves a real edge over competitors with this course.


We often talk about how to keep healthy, but the focus is often on our bodies rather than our minds. Our minds and body are interrelated, but we can also try and keep our mind healthy as well.


One way of categorising people’s personality was Type A and Type B.  This categories have now been changed to Type A Behaviour Pattern (TABP) and Type B and C.

TABP is thought to lead to behaviours such as competitiveness, occasional aggression and hostility, liking control, perfectionism and a constant sense of time urgency. They are also very competitive and self-critical. They may strive towards goals constantly without feeling joy when they achieve something.  They can tend to overreact and will be easily wound up.  They can constantly experience a sense of urgency, struggling against the clock and becoming impatient with any delays.  A person with TABP may have a poor work/life balance as they may have a high involvement with work.