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Who Commits Murder? Blog at www.ACSeBooks.comWe are talking about forensic profiling, where psychologists and behavioural scientists will use science and experience to try to develop a profile of a criminal. They will use information gained through research and study. Research has found that the following factors can influence who commits a crime.
Breaking Bad Habits. Making New Habits. Read the blog at www.acsebooks.comWe all have habits, from the way we make our cup of tea to how we eat, to when we get up. We all stick to certain habits. They make us feel comfortable and know where we are in the world.

However, habits are not always good, they can be bad for us.


Eating fresh fuit.  Read our blog at www.acsebooks.comEveryone knows that fresh fruit and vegetables will contain more nutrition, and be tastier than food which is old.

The simple fact is that over time food deteriorates. It looses water, looses nutrients, begins to become contaminated and can even start spoiling or decomposing even before many people would notice. Who wants to eat old, unhealthy food?

You might try to avoid old fruit and vegetables by buying at a farmers market, or supermarket, but the only real guarantees of getting the freshest produce will be to either grow it yourself or know how to identify if it really is fresh.

Read the blog for some tips for identifying freshness.