The Northern Ireland government has recently announced cuts to nursing courses. 

The UK Government announced further cuts to adult education by 2025.

The Australian Government announced a 3% rise in the adult education budget, but there is actually a 4% reduction in real terms, due to the increasing cost of living.


These cuts have severe implications for the public adult learning sector

  • The UK Government have stated that they will focus on English and Maths courses, and accredited and non-accredited skills related courses.
  • The cuts will potentially result in fewer trained staff in the future, such as nurses.
  • There will be less money available for teachers.
  • Teachers who are employed may be less experienced as more experienced teachers are potentially more expensive to employ.

    Another issue is that class sizes may increase. This can cause a number of problems –

  • It is harder to maintain control in larger classes.
  • Students who are struggling may find it hard to ask for help.
  • The teacher may not have time to effectively offer individualised support for all class members.
  • Students who suffer from hearing or sight difficulties or mobility issues may struggle in larger classrooms.
  • Students with anxiety, social phobia, autism and other sensory conditions may struggle with being in a classroom with large numbers of people.
  • Some subjects will no longer be offered.There may be a small demand for a particular topic. An education provider may decide not to offer the course anymore because there are not enough students. This can reduce the variety of courses on offer.


    Online Education

    These cuts in funding are one of the reasons why there has been a growth in the online education industry.

    There are many online learning providers now offering short online courses right through to degree and masters qualifications.

    Online education is a flexible and convenient method of learning for many adults –

  • Online learning can be studied anywhere to suit the student. This means that they can study in a place to suit them and at a time to suit them. There are no travel costs as the student simply studies where they want to.
  • As the student does not have to attend lectures, they can also study when they want. So they don’t have to take time off work to attend lectures.
  • Studying at home means that there are no additional costs, such as child care or travel costs.
  • Online learning is more flexible and can fit in around the student’s work and personal life.
  • Online education providers can continue to offer a variety of courses, as they are not tied down to location or specific course numbers. For example, say only 100 students study a topic every year, but it is an important and essential topic. Many colleges may think it is not worthwhile, so only certain colleges offer the course. This can mean that some potential students are put off as they do not want to travel or relocate. This is where online learning can be beneficial as students can study the course anywhere they want to and when they want to.

Many students are now looking to online distance learning education providers for courses that fit their lifestyle and their learning needs.

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