Aquaponics And Sustainability


Aquaponics is sustainable for a number of reasons.  Aquaponics is an intensive form of farming where the two main elements - fish and plants - support each other.

Aquaponics is sustainable because –

  • It saves water.  Water is a precious resource. Aquaponics requires less water as it recirculates it through the plant and fish system.
  • Aquaponics means that you can grow in places where plants wouldn’t be grown otherwise.
  • Aquaponics provides everything the plant needs – nutrients, oxygen and water in a totally sustainable way, so it does not require soil to make the plants grow.
  • There is constant, natural fertilizer from the fish.
  • There is hardly any waste as any solids collected can be used for compost.
  • There is reduced “food miles”, as the food has to t ravel less as it can be produced in multiple locations.
  • Aquaponics can be expensive to set up at first, BUT this initial investment is worthwhile in terms of security, nutrition and health.

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