Blogging is something that has grown substantially in recent years. With the current global situation, COVID-19, never mind other changes around the world, many people are choosing to share their experiences with others through blogging.

A blog is an online diary for some, as a way of sharing their experiences and thoughts. 

Bloggers might share their cooking tips and recipes or write about their political views. They may share information about travel and adventure, about their holidays, recommend places to go and visit. They might share parenting tips or their experiences of parenthood. Some bloggers may talk about politics or the news. They might share information on new products, for example, camera or computers.  There is really no limit to what a blogger can write about, but a blog should really focus on one particular area.  If you are telling your life story, writing a diary in the form of a blog, then it might change from day to day, but it is still basically your story. But if you are writing for other topics, it is important to focus. For example, say you want to talk about cameras – what is good or not so good about different brands of camera, then you do not want to start talking about how to take a photograph of a bird in flight half way through.  This is outside your focus and one of the easy ways that bloggers can lose sight of what their focus is.

When deciding on your blog, pick one idea that you want to write about and stick to it. If you have lots of ideas, then why not have different blogs, but one blog one idea is a good rule of thumb.

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