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Growing Nuts?

By ACS Bookshop UK on September 28, 2018 in Food and Nutrition & Horticulture / Gardening | comments

Would you like to grow nuts?

We can help.

The Growing and Knowing Nuts eBook is an ideal companion for anybody who wants to know more about nuts, discover different and unique varieties of nuts and learn about growing and cooking with nuts.

This eBook uncovers the many different varieties of nuts that are found around the world and also some interesting facts about more common nuts that you are probably familiar with.

With the inclusion of mouthwatering recipes for cooking with nuts, this book is not only an interesting read, it will also inspire you to start cooking more with nuts.

It is a book to expand the knowledge of gardeners and commercial growers; to introduce unknown possibilities to the food enthusiast or professional and lay down a foundation for knowing and using nuts for students of food, horticulture or agriculture.

With 81 pages of useful identification, origin and taste facts all about nuts, this eBook is an essential read for any fan of nuts.

Take a look at the Growing And Knowing Nuts eBook page, which gives a summary of the book contents, chapter and subject listing, and the option to preview the eBook before you buy.

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