Land Rehabilitation - Making Use of Valuable Resources


In many parts of the world land is in short supply.  This can be due to the twin pressures of land for housing and industry on the one hand, and land for agriculture and forestry on the other.  However, there is some land that has been abandoned and is used for neither of these purposes.  In these cases the soil may have become unsuitable for all but the most resilient plants.  It may have been compacted and have no drainage, or it may have been contaminated by chemicals.  These areas are unsightly at best and a waste of valuable natural resources at the worst.

All is not lost.  On a new housing estate, for example, there was a triangle of land that was unsuitable for building on and was left as a “wilderness”.  During the past 2 years one of the residents has transformed this unruly thicket into a half-acre haven for many birds and invertebrates.

Not every project is as straightforward as this one and more work has to be done by way of remediation before the planting can begin and the landscape can be rehabilitated.  The new e-book, Land Management and Rehabilitation, from the team at ACS covers an extraordinarily broad scope of scenarios and scales from domestic to larger landscape areas.  It is lavishly illustrated with examples from around the world.  The text approaches the subject from a very practical point of view but in the process, delivers an enormous amount of technical information.

This book will enable you to rehabilitate almost any site.  However, it will also show you how to ensure that the project has a sustainable future.  If you have ever contemplated restoring and improving that abandoned piece of land in your area, then this is the book for you.

Please click here to look at the new ACS eBook, Land Management and Rehabilitation.

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