We are excited to announce that we have released a brand-new Plant Taxonomy course. This 100-hour course extends our popular 20-hour Plant Taxonomy short course.

Plant taxonomy is the science and practice of naming and classifying plants. It relies on accurate descriptions and rules of nomenclature to facilitate plant identification. Knowledge of plant taxonomy is important for anyone working with plants, especially in horticulture. It is more than just a means of avoiding poisonous plants. Plant taxonomy skills are required to correctly select, grow, and use plants in any context. In commercial horticulture, plant taxonomy skills are also economically important, e.g. in the development of new plant cultivars.

This is such a unique opportunity to study plants and get a thorough understanding of scientific systems of classifications and learn how to identify plants yourself using your own observations. There are few courses offered around the world that go into so much depth. This course is a great way to learn and understand plant taxonomy.

Anyone who works with plants should understand how critical it is to have an understanding of plant taxonomy and plant identification. Those who work in the horticultural, environmental or agricultural sectors, should be able to identify parts of a plant or have the ability to place plants into higher level scientific classifications such as a family or class. Taxonomy trains people to observe the finer details that separate one plant cultivar from another. It provides a framework that makes the process of identifying plants systematic. 

Our 100-hour Plant Taxonomy course covers the following lessons:

  1. Introduction to Taxonomy  
  2. Describing Plant Parts  
  3. Recording & Analysing Plant Descriptions  
  4. Taxonomic Techniques  
  5. Primitive Plants  
  6. Seed Plants  
  7. Phylogeny of Land Plants  
  8. Monocotyledons  
  9. Dicotyledons (Part I)  
  10. Dicotyledons (Part 2) 

More details on this course are located here.

Or why not study our Plant Taxonomy Short course – a 20 hours self study course in taxonomy.

With ACS, you are guided through the course with the assistance of your tutor and get the opportunity to practice what you are learning in a number of different ways.