Educators are Failing To Adapt to Changes in the Modern World

As another private college goes bust in the UK, the lecturers union blame the “marketisation of education” and warned that funding is a free for all amongst private providers. However, ACS Distance Education Principal, John Mason, warns that the problems in education are far more complex than that.

He argues that mainstream education is failing to adapt to rapid change on many fronts.


Embracing technology in a faster and better way enables more people to be educated, just as well as traditional methods, but in a different way and at less cost.

However, educators are often also invested in running a system that uses traditional delivery methods for most of the course delivery in bricks & mortar colleges. That system is resistant to change at the rate needed.


Established colleges are too focused on compliance and assessment; and problems arising from this over-emphasis are too often responded to with increased compliance measures. The focus needs to be more on learning; and having ethical, competent staff.

Globalisation & Marketplace Diversification 

The 20th century education marketplace competitors were mostly other regional institutions with a long history in education. This has shifted. Competitors are increasingly from all regions of a country and all countries; and from industries outside of education. For example, Big Tech businesses are expanding into education; industry businesses that previously outsourced training to colleges are increasingly training in house.

We at ACS are adapting fast to these changes - and that makes us far more sustainable.

Educators must recognise these 3 factors and adapt - if they do not; there is no future in the education industry.

John Mason
ACS Distance Education

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