Stuck on your computer?

Distance Learning Doesn't Mean You Have to Be Stuck on Your Computer and Studying Alone

Over recent months, many of us may have been stuck at home or trapped by lockdown. Many people have thought about studying a distance learning course during this time.  They have hopefully found this to be a rewarding and useful experience, but don’t go away now.

Other people may be wary of distance learning – scared they’ll be left to it, studying by themselves. But that isn’t the case with ACS.

Studying by distance learning can be a rewarding experience and ACS is here to help.

  • You will be expected to carry out some studying at home, using our comprehensive and detailed notes.
  • BUT not everything is about sitting on a computer. Depending on the course you choose, we will ask you to do a range of other things – observe animals, design a garden, prune or tidy up a garden, build something, make something, design something, talk to people, observe people.

We know that studying is not just about reading notes.

It is not just about studying alone either.  We do offer self study courses, but we also offer courses with tutor support. You can contact your tutor with any questions you like about the course. They are there to help. They will also mark your work and give detailed and thorough feedback.  They are there to help you every step of the way.  Our tutors are all highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in their subjects, but that’s not all. They are also enthusiastic, keen and helpful, wanting to pass on their knowledge to YOU!

So think again. 

Contact us to find out more about the courses we offer