Chilling and Preserving Food


Today is World Clean out your Refrigerator Day.  This unusual day is rumoured to have been started by the Whirlpool Corporation, but no one is sure. This day is a good reminder to clean out your fridge occasionally.

Fridges keep our food cool, allow it to last longer and prevent it from being spoiled. We take them for granted and only notice when they stop working.

Older methods of food preservation are still used, such as salting, smoking, or pickling.  Here is a simple method for making bacon.

How to Make Bacon

Bacon is made in four steps:

  1. Obtain a slab of pork belly, with the rind (skin) still attached. Around 2kg of the freshest meat is ideal 
  2. Cure the slab by rubbing it with about 4 cups of salt, and up to 2 cups of sugar. Sugar adds flavour, but isn’t essential in this quantity, if you want to be healthier. Other herbs (e.g. pepper or garlic) can be also rubbed in to give a different flavour.
    After the rubbing, put all remaining salt and other components, with the meat, in a sealed bag or container;  and place in the refrigerator for seven days. Turn a couple of times during the week and drain off any build-up of liquid.
  3. Uncover the meat and place back in the fridge for a day. At this stage, it will form a sticky layer on the outside of the meat (called the “pellicle”).
  4. Finish by smoking the slab for around 2 hours at a temperature not exceeding 93°C (or 200 degrees Fahrenheit).


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