In many parts of the world land is in short supply.  This can be due to the twin pressures of land for housing and industry on the one hand, and land for agriculture and forestry on the other.  However, there is some land that has been abandoned and is used for neither of these purposes.  In these cases the soil may have become unsuitable for all but the most resilient plants.  It may have been compacted and have no drainage, or it may have been contaminated by chemicals.  These areas are unsightly at best and a waste of valuable natural resources at the worst.
The global production of wine in 2015 was around 275 million hectolitres which worldwide was a steady decline over 5 years since 2010. Countries like China, Chile, Germany, South Africa, Spain and the United States have all seen steady rises in production since 2010.

Mushrooms - Stationary Animals

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To the casual observer mushrooms may look like plants that have forgotten to synthesize their green pigment.  Afterall they grow in soil, they do not move and do the things that animals do, and we buy them at the green grocer’s not at the butcher’s.  However, take a look at an evolutionary tree and you will find that fungi are the closest relatives of animals, not of plants.

Do you have a dream?

A job that you would love to do?

We may all aspire to a job that we would love to do, but never quite get there.  For some people, they may find a dream job, get that job and love it.  For others, it may not be so simple.  For some people, working for yourself can be just what they want.

Fear Of Numbers

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Arithmophobia – no it is not a fear of arithmetic, but a fear of numbers. Arithmophobia is an exaggerated and often irrational fear of numbers. It is also known as numerophobia.  It may take the form of a fear of odd numbers or a fear of solving mathematical equations. This phobia can cause difficulties making the person feel embarrassed and socially withdrawn. It can have a substantial impact on the person’s life and even result in panic attacks.

Many people have this unusual phobia to varying degrees.