During lock down many people have been reassessing their lives and livelihoods.  For many of us, our gardens have become a refuge.  Others the opportunity to change career and one of the most appealing and rewarding has been ornamental horticulture, or gardening for pleasure rather than growing crops.  The career opportunities are immense, from working in a historic garden of many acres, to designing, building and maintaining a small courtyard garden in a modern housing development.  One can be an employee with a salary, or self-employed with the freedom and flexibility to go where your interests take you.

What is becoming very clear to employers, whether they are large institutions or small garden maintenance companies, is that there is a severe skills shortage in the horticultural profession.  There is an urgent need for trained and motivated horticulturalists with skills ranging from lawns to maintaining ponds.  The courses at ACS cover a plethora of skills and interests.  The tutors have decades, if not centuries, of experience between them from many different areas of ornamental horticulture.


Perhaps the most important attraction of ornamental horticulture for many of us is that our gardens are becoming a vital refuge, not only for us, but for the wildlife with which we share this space on Earth.  Many animals, and especially those involved in pollination, find food and safety in our gardens away from pesticides and other pollution.  Ornamental horticulture is not only an extremely rewarding profession, it is a vital profession for the health of the planet and for our own well-being.

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Just some of what we can offer -

Pruning Short Course

Designing Gardens

Creating A Garden Theme Short Course

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