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Cat Behaviour: 5 Important Body Languages

By ACS Bookshop UK on May 16, 2016 in Pets | comments

Read all our blog posts at www.acsebooks.comCats are now one of the top most popular domesticated pets across the world, and yet we have still so much to learn about their psychology and behaviour.

Read our blog about 5 common body languages we may see in our pet cats.

Journalist Oliver Burkeman has recently talked about the phenomenon of imposter syndrome, where people believe they are not good enough and are going to be found out by others.  Even famous and successful writers such as Maya Angelou have reported feeling that others are going to find out the truth about her. 
Research suggests depression causes dementiaNew research has found that worsening symptoms of depression could be an early sign of dementia in the elderly.
Concerns about Global Warming are many; recent research has highlighted an interesting side effect from the increases of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.